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Why You Need Rekeying for Your Property

Rekeying is a locksmith service we provide quite frequently. Insofar as the owner has a copy of the current key that opens the lock, we will be able to reset the lock to accept not the current key, but a new key. Our customers have different reasons for requesting our rekeying services. Here a few:

To Prevent Unauthorized Individuals from Being Able to Access Property

The title speaks for itself – some customers don’t want other individuals to access their property who previously had access. Let’s list some real-life examples:

  • Landlords who do not want past tenants to access their rental units
  • Divorced individuals who do not want their former spouse to access their property
  • People formerly involved in a relationship where their ex-significant other at one time had a key
  • Employers who once gave a key to an ex-employee that is no longer part of the establishment
  • Property owners who once had roommates that no longer live in the property

Just Who Was It That Held Your Key(s) Before You?

The above are common examples where Allied Locksmiths is called to provide rekeying service. But before we leave, we definitely want to bring up an instance that is often overlooked where rekeying is absolutely necessary: when an individual or business acquires new property.

Let’s start with individuals. What is the most common form of property an individual will acquire in their lifetime? – a home. Before an person buys a home, a condominium, etc., the property is often shown by realtors and may even undergo renovation by contractors. In this case, a lockbox is made available on the door knob, where if the combination is known to the entrant, the key can be accessed. And clearly, that key can then be duplicated without much difficulty at name-a-hardware-store.

While the cost of rekeying may not be something that just anyone would gladly take on, it is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your possessions, family and property safe. End of story.

Now we will move to a story of how rekeying is absolutely necessary for business owners who acquire new property, and it will involve a story.

We heard a story about a restauranteur who purchased a restaurant property, renovated it, and opened the doors for business. The first thing he did was stock the wine cellar with expensive red and white wines, champagnes, and liquor.

Needless to say, within a couple of weeks since the restauranteur’s grand opening, he opened up one day to find that thousands of dollars of wine and spirits were missing. Meanwhile, there was absolutely no sign of breaking and entering to explain why all of his product was missing. Imagine that insurance claim…

Rekeying Is Just the Way to Go, Period…

Allied Locksmiths is not saying that you should be skeptical and downright paranoid of anyone who has ever held a key to your property. What we are saying though is that in certain situations, rekeying is necessary if you want to make sure you, the people around you, and your property remains safely protected.

Feel free to call us today to learn about our rekeying services. Whether you need us right away or would like to book a job, we will be there at your earliest convenience. Take care.

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