the cheap locksmith

The Myth of the Cheap Locksmith

We have built our locksmith business over the years through providing reliable service at affordable prices. Yet despite our committment to providing quality work at managable prices, our business has been threatened by what we call, “the cheap locksmith.” By saying “cheap,” we mean really cheap, but in a too cheap to be true kind of way… This article intends to unveil the myth of the cheap locksmith. On the Internet, it’s not difficult whatsoever to spot out one...

Tips for Finding Locksmiths in Norristown PA

Helpful Tips When Looking for Locksmiths in Norristown PA

I. Always begin your quest by asking friends, family, and colleagues who they have hired as their locksmith in Norristown. Since Allied Locksmiths in Norristown PA has served hundreds of customers over our close to three decades in business, there is a good chance whoever you consult will give us a plug. II. Is the locksmith in Norristown truly local or are they “local”? A simple search on the Internet will pull up all sorts of websites that appear...

Like Allied Locksmiths LLC on Facebook

New Idea for Allied Locksmiths Facebook Page

Like most small businesses, we created a Facebook Page a while ago and pretty much forgot about it. The truth is that for most businesses, a Facebook Page is not really necessary. Our New Idea From now on, any time we perform a locksmith job for a Bucks and Montgomery County customer, we will ask them to like our Facebook Page if they liked the job we did. Liking our Facebook Page will be very easy for customers as...

Locksmiths in Bucks and Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Allied Locks Is Pleased to Release Its New Website!

After years of having the same website, we thought it’s time for an update. We made this decision because while we service all of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, our old website did not accurately express this fact, often leaving our customers feeling left out. From now on, any customer throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties will know definitively that we provide service to them, regardless of the town, city or borough in which they reside. Some of the changes of...