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Almost 30 Years, Really? Allied Locksmiths, Your Locksmiths in Perkasie PA

Are you in an emergency lockout situation and browsing through various locksmiths in Perkasie PA? Or is it a less pressing issue where you would prefer to schedule a booked job? Regardless of when you need us, Allied Locksmiths will be there to handle your lock and key needs. As always, you will have an experienced professional to greet you with a smile. And by the way, we don’t post unusually low rates on the Net to hook people in. The affordable rate we quote on the phone is the same rate you will be charged when the job is done to your satisfaction.

What We Can Provide You:

Padlocks Rekeying Decorative Locks Storefront Locks
House & Car Lockouts Key Fabrication & Duplication Deadbolt Installation & Repair Electronic Access Control Systems

How Are We Different from All of Those, All of Those Other Locksmiths…

We are a family-owned, locally operated locksmith business serving Perkasie PA, having served our first customer in 1986! Wow, where has time went…? At any rate, we still put the same enthusiasm into our work as we did since our company’s inception. We value the relationships we’ve built with our customers throughout the years, and they definitely call us back from time to time. Some of them, we have even gotten to know personally. Well, that’s another topic…

So Why Should You Choose Allied Locksmiths in Perkasie PA?!

Affordable Rates Guaranteed Pricing Fast Response Times Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
Honest, Professional Service All Work Done by the Owner Himself Emergency Services Available 7 Days a Week

Contrary to other jobs that your average contractor performs, locksmithing is one that can be done one of two ways: the right way or the wrong way. When you hire us as your locksmith in Perkasie PA, the job will be done the right way. If we didn’t do the job right all this time, how could we have possibly stayed in business for the better part of three decades?!

Your Local Locksmiths in Perkasie PAYet not everyone is doing the job the right way… We live in the age of the Internet, and just about anyone can claim they know how to do something. Do they really? Well let’s pose that same question to locksmithing… These listings you come across on the Web with all of these “local” locksmiths in Perkasie PA… Are they local? Probably not. In fact, a lot of the listings you see are paid ads by questionable companies that subcontract work to unskilled “locksmiths” who commute from miles and miles away, and hopefully perform the job correctly. Wait, did we bring up that if they don’t do the job correctly that they can possibly damage your property?! No, we won’t go there…

While you could have fun calling around to these, uh…, well whatever they are called, instead you can call Allied Locksmiths in Perkasie PA. For over 27 years, we have served hundreds of Perkasie residents. Whether you’re a new customer or an old customer, we look forward to hearing from you. And as always, your business is greatly appreciated!