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    Allied Locksmiths has been serving customers in Horsham for over 27 years, and we're not going anywhere!

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    Trusted by Horsham homeowners and business owners alike, we provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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    From emergency lockouts to rekeying, we will be at your service in your time of need.

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About Allied Locksmiths in Horsham PA, a Bonded & Insured Locksmith

Whether it’s an emergency lockout, a rekeying dilemna, or a job you would like to schedule, Allied Locksmiths in Horsham PA will be there when you need us. Our family-owned locksmith business has served residents for close to three decades; we served our first customer in 1986! Till this day we provide our customers in Horsham the same reliable, fast & affordable lock and key service we did since our company’s inception.

Stay Safe by Going with a Trusted, Local Horsham Locksmith

Licensed Bonded and Insured Locksmiths in Horsham PABy conducting a search on the Internet these days, it’s easy to be barraged by ads from quote, local locksmiths. The reality is that these are not local locksmiths, but instead are companies who advertise and then subcontract their work to at times questionable figures, whose skill levels obviously can be questionable as well. The difference with Allied Locksmiths in Horsham PA is that when you call us, the same person who picks up the phone will more than likely be the one performing the work. In fact, our owner performs a lot of the work himself.

So why put yourself in a risky situation by going with an unknown locksmith, when you can go with a locksmith business that has a history of providing quality service for over 27 years? What’s more is that you know who you will be dealing with from the moment you connect to us on the phone onward. Personalized service like that is hard to come by in this day and age we live in…

Why Does Horsham rely on Allied Locksmiths?

Realistic Rates Set-in-Stone Pricing Quick Response Times Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
Reliable, Professional Service All Work Done By Owner Himself Emergency Services Available 7 Days a Week (cars, homes, and businesses)
Past customers gladly refer us to their friends, family and colleagues.

Through practicing our trade for all of these years, we learned that with locksmithing, doing things the right way is the only option. Whether you are in need of rekeying and duplication, are locked out of your house, car or business, or are in need of a specific service like deadbolt installation, we will put our utmost effort into making sure your needs are met. And in this age of rising prices, we’ve made sure to keep our rates affordable in an economy where people have to watch their finances. Case in point, you get skill and experience at an affordable rate with Allied Locksmiths in Horsham PA.

Some of Our Locksmithing services:

Padlocks Rekeying Decorative Locks Storefront Locks
House & Car Lockouts Key Fabrication & Duplication Deadbolt Installation & Repair Electronic Access Control Systems

A Quick Warning About Those Ultra-Low Prices Locksmiths in Horsham PA Charge

Before we depart, we must warn Horsham residents to stay away from those unbelievably low prices that other locksmiths advertise on the Web. Knowing a bit about the advertising process, we can tell you that the prices these outfits claim to charge are often equal to or less than the cost of the actual advertisement they took out. Either these outfits like to operate their business at a deficit, or more likely the rates you see are designed to hook you in. Now when one of these locksmiths meets up with you, you can expect that rate to increase dramatically… So stick with reputable locksmiths in Horsham PA like Allied! The rate we quote on the phone is the same rate you will be charged once the job is satisfactorily completed.