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    Allied Locksmiths has been serving customers in Hatfield for over 27 years, and we're not going anywhere!

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    Trusted by Hatfield homeowners and business owners alike, we provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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    Helping you in any time of crisis, meeting you at your car, your house, or your business. No need to worry!

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    From emergency lockouts to rekeying, we will be at your service in your time of need.

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    Don't panic! We'll be there as soon as possible to get you back into your vehicle!

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    Our Hatfield customers not only have called us back over the years, but have told all their friends and family to call us for their lock and key needs.


Do You Need One of Our Locksmiths in Hatfield, PA Right Away or Later?

Stick with Allied Locksmiths of Hatfield PAIt’s not common for a person to consider whether or not they need to call a locksmith in Hatfield PA – usually their thoughts are directed toward other things. When people need lock and key services, they usually request them in emergency situations. For example: someone might be locked out of their house, car or business; a landlord may want to change the locks after having evicted an unruly tenant; a couple may be going through a stressfull divorce… There are many reasons people need a locksmith in Hatfield, but one thing should remain intact throughout it all – a secure lock protecting you and/or your property from the outside. Allied Locksmiths will make sure that your locks and keys remain in your control!

Locksmith Services in Hatfield We Provide:

Padlocks Rekeying Decorative Locks Storefront Locks
House & Car Lockouts Key Fabrication & Duplication Deadbolt Installation & Repair Electronic Access Control Systems

Have We Really Served Customers in Hatfield Since 1986?!

That’s correct. Our first customer was served by us in 1986 and till this very day, we remain a family-owned and locally managed locksmith business in Hatfield. Our locksmiths in Hatfield PA have serviced an innumerable amount of customers over the years, many of which remain repeat customers till this day. While you’ll find many alternatives online to select from if you’re looking for a fly-by-night, too good to be true “cheap” locksmith, Allied Locksmiths is here when you need us and the rate we quote over the phone is the same rate you’ll be charged after the job is successfully completed – end of story!

Why Should We Be Your Hatfield, PA Locksmith?

Realistic Rates Set-in-Stone Pricing Quick Response Times Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
Reliable, Professional Service All Work Done By Owner Himself Emergency Services Available 7 Days a Week (cars, homes, and businesses)
We’re Local!

Local Locksmith in Hatfield PAIt’s simple to visualize, in all honesty. The advertsisments published online reveal incredibly cheap prices. In fact, the prices they claim to charge are cheaper than the cost for the online advertisement in the first place! Unfortunately, people who need a locksmith in Hatfield PA get roped in by these deceptive prices, and talk to a telemarketer who then dispatches an inexperienced locksmith who upon arrival charges anything but the rate quoted by that 1-800 operator. At Allied Locksmiths, we always stick to our prices!

Not only do we stick to our prices, but there is a ninety percent chance that the person who answers the phone will be the same person who will meet you. Where else can you expect personalized service like that in this day and age?!

Whatever your locksmithing demands may be, at your earliest convenience we will have one of our skilled locksmiths in Hatfield PA when you need us. Feel free to call us now at (215) 855-9500 so that you can leave the safety and security of you, your family and your property up to us – Allied Locksmiths!