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    Trusted by Conshohocken homeowners and business owners alike, we provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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Providing Locksmith Services to Residents of Conshohocken PA since ’86

Locksmiths Conshohocken PAWhen it comes to the locksmithing trade, Allied Locksmiths is anything but a rookie. Cumulatively our locksmiths in Conshohocken PA have decades of experience in the trade, having perhaps served hundreds of Conshohocken residents since we first opened in 1986. Decades later we are still committed to serving our customers with the same passion for providing quality service that we did when we first started.

And our locksmiths are equipped with the best tools to handle today’s lock and key needs. Whether you need a commercial, residential or automotive locksmith, you can trust that Allied Locksmiths has the experience, know-how and determination to handle any and all service calls, be they big or small!

Another thing you can count on with Allied Locksmiths in Conshohocken PA is that we are fully bonded and insured, which means that your property will never incur any damage while we are on the job. This is more than can be said about most of the phony locksmiths that advertise on the Web, Yellow Pages and other mediums. With Allied you can always count on the fact that a skilled, legitimate lock and key professional will meet you at your house, car or place of business.

Below are the three most common locksmith services we provide:

Re-keying Services

Locksmith Services Conshohocken PACustomers call us and request our re-keying services for a variety of reasons. For example, landlords call us for re-keying because they want to secure their rental property after a tenant without having to pay the added expense of totally replacing their locks. Others may call because they changed roommates. Regardless of what the reason is, what the unifying theme of our re-keying calls is that customers want to have the peace of mind that their locks are safe from individuals who are no longer authorized to access them.

Lock Repair Services

Our locksmiths in Conshohocken PA can repair locks that no longer function properly. Common reasons include jammed keys, broken keys in lock, busted tumblers, etc. We can replace any damaged lock hardware that may be causing the issue, allowing you to have a safe and effective lock without having to spend the additional money to outright replace it.

Emergency Lockouts and General Lockouts

We have all been here at one point or another… We may have lost a key, broken our key in a lock – the list goes on. Whatever reason an individual may be locked out of their house, car or business may be, Allied Locksmiths can get to you when you need us. Meanwhile, other locksmiths who pose to be “local” in Conshohocken may take hours to get to you – if they get to you. Is that what you want in your time of need?

We Have Stayed in Business All This Time Because Our Customers Come First

Conshohocken PA LocksmithsAllied Locksmiths would not still be in business till this day if residents didn’t trust us with the security of their homes, cars and businesses. We take our trade seriously and seek to provide stellar service to our customers day after day. If we did not, customers would not call us back for repeat jobs and readily refer our locksmiths in Conshohocken PA to their friends, family and colleagues like they have done over the years.

We handle each service call as an individual situation and never treat our customers using a cookie-cutter approach. We understand that lock and key needs are not all one in the same, therefore, it is essential that we provide customized service solutions to anyone who calls us. In fact, the person who picks up your call will probably be the locksmith who meets you. What other locksmith in Conshohocken can provide that kind of personalized service in this day and age? So feel free to call us at (215) 855-9500 today!

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