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    Allied Locksmiths has been serving customers in Bucks County for over 27 years, and we're not going anywhere!

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    Trusted by Bucks County homeowners and business owners alike, we provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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    Helping you in any time of crisis, meeting you at your car, your house, or your business. No need to worry!

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    From emergency lockouts to rekeying, we will be at your service in your time of need.

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    Don't panic! We'll be there as soon as possible to get you back into your vehicle!

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    Our Bucks County customers not only have called us back over the years, but have told all their friends and family to call us for their lock and key needs.


Allied Locksmiths: The Original Bucks County Locksmiths

Trusted Bucks County PA LocksmithsFor our locksmiths in Bucks County, there is no job too big or too small. Allied Locksmiths recognizes that Bucks County is by no means a small area – some areas are well over an hour apart from one another (and add traffic to the equation!). That still does not deter us from providing quality locksmith service at affordable rates throughout the county that we’ve served since our company’s early beginnings (we were established in 1986!).

Contrary to other locksmith businesses in Bucks County, PA, where most on the Internet aren’t even legitimate businesses, we take pride in our trade, pride in helping our customers in their time of need. Let’s face it, our customers don’t request our services at their leisure, they request our services because the security of their locks is the #1 thing on their mind! At Allied Locksmiths we recognize the importance of security and do everything we can to provide the peace of mind our customers need by getting to them quickly and charging affordable rates.

Bucks County Residential Locksmith Services

Residential calls vary, and honestly they do vary. It could range from a broken deadbolt which causes an emergency lockout situation to re-keying desired by new homeowners or landlords. Occasionally we even handle antique doors with locks that require special care. If you have a miscellaneous lock and key need, to be fair, just call us at the number above to see if we can assist you. Deal?

Commercial Locksmith Services in Bucks County, PA

Are you locked out of your business and need to get in now? Have you recently acquired a business and desire the locks to be re-keyed? Do you need lock hardware replaced or locks replaced in general to protect your business interests?

Car Locksmiths in Bucks County

It’s a terrible predicament to be in – being locked out of your car. Your goal obviously is to be back in your vehicle as soon as possible, back on the road to your destination. That is exactly why Allied Locksmiths of Bucks County, PA designed the website like we have, because we understand that customers on the road access our website through mobile phones and need to call us immediately. Feel free to call us to see if we can be of assistance to you, end of story – really!

Two Reasons Finding a Locksmith in Bucks County Can Be Difficult:

Bucks County Allied Locksmiths

  • For one, while there are various advertisements on the Net and the Yellow Pages, the odds of you calling a reputable, local Bucks County locksmith are not exactly favorable on your end.
  • Secondly, the odds that you are calling a locksmith business that can access you (if they can commute to your location in the first place), are again, not in your favor.

Allied Locksmiths has its skilled team strategically located to meet you at your home, car or business when you need us the most. Call us today at (215) 538-1000 to see how we can assist you. Thanks for reading!