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Tough Time Looking for Locksmiths in Bristol PA?

Time and time again, customers tell us of the difficulty they encounter when searching for locksmiths in Bristol PA. While some you use the Web, others use old phone books laying around the house. Either two outcomes happen:  a non-local Bristol locksmith is called, or phone numbers are dialed that are no longer in existence. That may not be a big deal for most of our customers, but a good number of our customers may be in an emergency lockout or rekeying situation. What then?

Bonded and Insured Locksmiths in Bristol PAWell you can always “call around,” or you can call Allied Locksmiths in Bristol PA. Contrary to all of these fly-by-night “locksmiths” you see on the Internet, we are a family-owned, locally operated business that has served residents for the better part of three decades; we served our first customer in 1986. Despite the years that have gone by, we still serve each and every customer with the same level of efficiency and priority that we delivered decades ago – that’s why we’ve stayed in business till this day.

But There Are All of These Low Rates to Choose from…

Through message boards and social media, we have communicated with plenty of locksmiths from various parts of the country. And what we have found is that there has been a rise in shady operators running advertisements on the Net, appearing to be “local” and “cheap.” For example, our customers looking for locksmiths have told us that there are websites that, to the untrained eye, appear to be local locksmith businesses that would make one think we work for nothing.

One of the ways to spot this is if the listing uses a website domain name with the exact Bristol locksmith phrase you typed when searching. We are not experts when it comes to the Internet, but what we’ve been told is that by having domain names with towns in them, external operators are able to be listed in the local search results above locksmiths in Bristol PA who are actually local, who stick to their prices, and who have been in the business for quite some time. We know, it’s not fair…

Why Should You Avoid These Quote, Locksmiths in Bristol, PA?

We don’t want to make this a long story, but a couple we spoke to recently told us of how they lost their keys on a holiday. They were hooked into an unusually low rate they saw on their cell phone, and proceeded to call. They were “connected” to some individual of sorts who could not find them any locksmiths in Bristol PA, or wherever they were at the time. Finally a locksmith was found who was willing to “give up their holiday” to visit them for less than an hour. Their bill came out to $400 “because of the holiday call,” and since they were 2-3 hours from home, they parted with their hard-earned money.

Do you get where we are going with this? If locksmiths in Bristol, PA charge such unusually low rates, then how could they even be able to afford such an advertisement in the first place, let alone gas and insurance. Good we mentioned that last part, because you want a locksmith who is fully bonded and insured. If they are not, your property could possibly suffer in the event you came across someone unskilled at the trade. This is actually a topic for a future blogpost…

You’re Covered with Allied Locksmiths

In contrast to these other operators, we are a fully insured, local Bristol locksmith business. In fact if you call us, there is a strong chance that you will speak to the same individual who will be performing the work you request. In other words, you won’t be connected to someone who will be “connecting” you to a locksmith, but instead you will be connected to a REAL locksmith, end of story.

As for those unusually low rates you see quoted on online advertisements, our business has a different way of operating. First of all, we don’t post such misleading advertisements as our locksmiths in Bristol PA stick to the same rate quoted to you over the phone. Secondly, a lot of our business comes from repeat customers who have enjoyed our services and have recommended us to their friends, family and colleagues.

So why not call Allied Locksmiths in Bristol, PA today!