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    Allied Locksmiths has been serving customers in Bensalem for over 27 years, and we're not going anywhere!

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    Trusted by Bensalem homeowners and business owners alike, we provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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    Helping you in any time of crisis, meeting you at your car, your house, or your business. No need to worry!

  • Your Residential Bensalem Locksmith

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    From emergency lockouts to rekeying, we will be at your service in your time of need.

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    Don't panic! We'll be there as soon as possible to get you back into your vehicle!

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    Our Bensalem customers not only have called us back over the years, but have told all their friends and family to call us for their lock and key needs.


Allied Locksmiths in Bensalem PA Is Your Trusted Local Locksmith

Bensalem residents have told us of the harrowing experiences they’ve had when trying to find a locksmith. One would think that finding one would be easy, especially if a search was conducted on the Web and all of those “local” locksmith websites popped up. The reality though is that these listings are not local Bensalem PA locksmiths; as we know, anyone can make a website. Instead most of these Web listings have numbers that connect to remote call centers, and you will be greeted several hours later by an unskilled freelancer who is essentially a complete stranger. That is, if they ever even show up…

To the contrary, Allied Locksmiths in Bensalem PA is here to handle your lock and key needs when you need us. When you call our Bensalem number, you are speaking directly to the locksmith who nine times out of ten will be the one performing the work. The fact we are local is critically important in emergency lockout situations, just as it is important when you need a job booked and have allocated time out of your day to be at the house, business or car where the work is needed.

A Few of Our Locksmith Services:

Padlocks Rekeying Decorative Locks Storefront Locks
House & Car Lockouts Key Fabrication & Duplication Deadbolt Installation & Repair Electronic Access Control Systems

Why Bensalem Residents Trust Allied Locksmiths

Our locksmith business is family-owned and locally operated till this day, having served Bucks County for over 27 years at this point. Ever since we served our first customer back in 1986, our locksmiths in Bensalem PA have probably served hundreds and hundreds of locals, one job at a time. And each job we perform, we feel there is only one way to do it: the right way. Not only can you expect that Allied Locksmiths will provide quality locksmithing, we are also bonded and insured so that your property will not be damaged. We have heard horror stories from customers who found random locksmith outfits on the Internet who not only could not even complete the job they were hired to do, but also damaged people’s property in the process. That would be a terrible lose-lose situation to be in…

What Allied Locksmiths Guarantees…

Realistic Rates Set-in-Stone Pricing Quick Response Times Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
Reliable, Professional Service All Work Done By Owner Himself Emergency Services Available 7 Days a Week (cars, homes, and businesses)

Our customers call and request locksmith services in Bensalem that range from emergency lockouts to car lockouts to rekeying – we consider all requests our #1 priority! Regardless of what your lock and key needs may be, you can expect the same reliable, efficient service we provided to customers in Bensalem when we first got into the business back in ’86.

One final note: we stick to our prices. The price that our locksmiths in Bensalem PA quote over the phone is the price you will be charged when the job is satisfactorily completed. End of story! Yet we can’t make any promises for all of these other outfits you see on the Internet that offer those too good to be true rates… 😉

From Our Owner

Owner of Allied Locksmiths in Bensalem PAAs the owner, I perform all the work myself, never employing the use of questionable subcontractors. I am a firm believer in the old saying, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’ I have built my reputation and business on my commitment to providing quality work and customer service at affordable rates for all residents of Bensalem PA—a reputation that has earned me many valuable, repeat customers. I use only the best products and I am here to answer any questions you might have.”