6 Reasons to Go with Allied Locksmiths in Allentown PA

Looking for Locksmiths in Allentown PAWhen you ask your friends, family and colleagues their advice on how to find the most reliable locksmith in Allentown PA, they will probably draw a blank. The fact is that most people don’t think about hiring locksmiths until they desperately need one, and once the service call is completed, they forget who they hired. Luckily, Allied Locksmiths in Allentown has put together this guide for you to show how we’re the best option:

    1. The most common thing you run into when calling a locksmith is that they try to up-charge you for unnecessary parts and labor. For example, if you’re locked out of your home, car or business, the locksmith will suggest you replace the entire lock itself, jacking up the total price. To the contrary, Allied Locksmiths Allentown will do just what you need us to do – unlock the door and get you back in your home, business or car.


    1. Look into the background of the locksmith you plan to provide you service. Do they run a legitimate business or are they a locksmith scammer? Are they fully bonded and insured? Do they have any online profiles on directories that validate them as a legitimate professional? With Allied Locksmiths you can seek solace in the fact that we’ve been serving customers for the better part of three decades!


    1. To get the best bang for your buck, hire a locksmith between normal business hours (i.e. 8 AM – 5 PM). The only exception naturally is in emergency lockout situations that can occur even at the latest of hours. Be prepared though that during off-hours and holidays, there may be a surcharge. Allied Locksmiths provides the most affordable rates to its customers when it schedules jobs in advance. This way you can get on with your daily activities and know we’ll be there at the set date and time, saving you money and making things convenient for you.


    1. This is probably the most important tip when it comes to hiring Allentown, PA locksmiths – make sure they stick to their rates. Time and time again our customers tell us about how the previous locksmith they went through quoted a rate over the phone, only to charge hidden “service fees” after they completed the job. Allied Locksmiths separates itself from its competitors by sticking to the rate we quote over the phone – simple as that!


    1. Another way to validate that you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith and not a locksmith scammer is to ask for ID. Do they have paperwork on them such as proof of being fully bonded and insured? Does the receipt they hand you have the name of their company on it? You would be surprised how many freelancers out there operate completely off the grid, not legitimate whatsoever. Why would you want someone charged with the most important aspect of your home – its security – to not be a legitimate professional?! With Allied Locksmiths you know you are dealing with professionals who cumulatively have decades in the locksmith trade and the paperwork and history with the community to prove it.


  1. Make sure when you are looking for locksmiths in Allentown PA that they are actually skilled. We have dealt with many service calls over the years where someone found some cheap locksmith scammer on the Internet, hired them, only for their property to get damaged. For example, their deadbolt instead of getting fixed actually got damaged. Don’t trust amateur freelancers with your property, especially your locks! Go with the Pros – Allied Locksmiths!

Allentown: You’ve Got Nothing to Lose By Calling Us Today!

So whether this is the first time you’re sorting through locksmiths in Allentown PA or whether you’ve had to hire one in the past and forgot who it was, the above tips should provide you some direction on who to call. If you decide to call Allied Locksmiths Allentown at (215) 538-1000 today, we can guarantee that (1) the person you speak to on the phone will be the one handling the service call, (2) our locksmiths have decades of experience and (3) our rates are set in stone and we don’t play any hidden fee games with our customers.