Finding a Local Locksmith in Norristown PA

How to Tell Whether or Not a Locksmith in Norristown PA Is Local


Out-of-Area Phone Number

When you conduct a search, the first listings customers see are paid ads at the top of search results. In these paid ads, one will see phone numbers prominently displayed. If any of these numbers are 1-800 numbers or phone numbers with foreign area codes, odds are you have no found a local Norristown PA locksmith.

Their Website Appears More National Than Local

From the very beginning, check out the listing’s domain address. Does the domain name contain some generic phrase preceded by “find-a” or something to that effect? And suppose you’ve already clicked on the link and are now on the website. Does the website list locksmiths in various cities, counties and states? If this is the case, instead of having found a local locksmith in Norristown PA, what you’ve found is a lead generation service that connects you with a phony locksmith.

What Happens When You Call the Provided Number?

Are you put on hold while music plays? Do you have to select an option before finally being connected to a live human being? Does not sound very local to me, don’t you think? Odds are that the person you will be connected with is not a local Norristown locksmith, but instead an operator that takes your information and then dispatches it again to one of those phony locksmiths we’ve aforementioned.

What Happens When You Speak to the Phony Locksmith Directly?

Does the supposed locksmith in Norristown PA greet you with a, “Hello, thank you for calling [insert company],” or do they simply say, “Hello, locksmith.” I don’t know about you, but that does not sound professional, nor does it even sound safe to be dealing with a random stranger. Even if the individual miraculously made it to you within a reasonable amount of time, would you want this person dealing with what keeps you safe – your locks? And what if you had an antique door and the person as a result of being unskilled damaged it? Do you honestly think they would be bonded and insured?

Seems Like Everyone I’ve Called Matches the Above. Who Do I Trust?

Like with any service you need done, you should only stick with skilled professionals who have a history of serving your community. Allied Locksmiths in Norristown PA has served local residents for the better part of three decades, and we’re still doing the same quality work we did when we first got started.

If you see us listed on the Internet, you will see that we have a local number, and that local number connects you to a real, local Norristown Locksmith. What’s more is that the locksmith you speak to on the phone will more than likely be the one meeting you at your car, house or business. Oh yeah, and when you call us, we make sure to say our company name as we are legitimate family-owned, locally operated locksmith business that is fully bonded and insured. Give us a call today at (215) 855-9500!

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  1. Locksmith Sydney

    Yes I agree with you Peter. A locksmith website should have a contact us page with a physical address. We are a mobile domestic and commercial locksmith business offering 24 hour emergency services in Sydney Australia. We advertise in areas up to 1 hour drive away from where my business is based. “Why don’t they call a local guy for a lockout, it should be cheaper”. First of all it all about the locksmith being available when the customer needs you the most. The local guy may be on another job. His advertising may not be in a position where he is the first few found. The customers may not like their telephone manner. He may not be up front with costing and price structure. Local locksmiths in Sydney charge more when they are local, especially if they can get to the location within 30 minutes of the call. They need to charge more money so they can recuperate losses for far away jobs. You can’t just rely on local jobs for a living these days.

    George Ragias

  2. Pete Wilkinson

    George, you found us all the way from Sydney?! I still am trying to figure out the whole Internet thing.

    At any rate, I could not agree with you more. For instance, we service all of Bucks and Montgomery Counties in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, and altogether the towns and cities are not one tenth the size of what Sydney probably is. For our business, it is essential that we can cover a large service area, but be located centrally so we can access any customer within a reasonable amount of time.

    And if we are tied up with a series of jobs and cannot get to our customers in a reasonable amount of time, we make sure to articulate that to them. I think honesty is really the biggest currency in our business.

    Thanks again though, George, for stopping by. Still can’t believe we had a visitor from Sydney!

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