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The Myth of the Cheap Locksmith

We have built our locksmith business over the years through providing reliable service at affordable prices. Yet despite our committment to providing quality work at managable prices, our business has been threatened by what we call, “the cheap locksmith.” By saying “cheap,” we mean really cheap, but in a too cheap to be true kind of way… This article intends to unveil the myth of the cheap locksmith.

On the Internet, it’s not difficult whatsoever to spot out one of these “cheap locksmiths.” All you have to do is conduct a search and you will see prices at $15, $20, etc. While that may sound pleasing to the wallet, it may not make much sense when things are looked at logically.

  • First off, a locksmith has to pay for insurance – well, hopefully your locksmith has insurance, assuming you do not want your property to incur damage and suffer. Whether you own a business or not, you probably pay insurance one way or another, and this cost is something that clearly affects your bottom line, period!
  • Next, a locksmith has to pay for gas so he/she can get to you. In this age of high gas prices, we all suffer. So you can understand that a locksmith easily will spend $10 or more in gas to get to a customer, whether in the neighborhood or not. So if one sees an ad that says they can get a locksmith for $15, do you believe that a locksmith will commute, do the job, and collect a $5 profit? Already, you can see where things aren’t making sense…
  • Going along with the cheap locksmith pitch though, next we have to consider the wear and tear on a locksmith’s vehicle(s). Anyone who has to use their vehicle for work purposes is generally paid a vehicle wear and tear stipend, well, hopefully. The logic is that the more one drives their car, the more the car will need maintenance, repairs, etc. Now let’s put that into perspective with locksmithing, a trade that requires constant travel, cumulatively amounting to hours a day… Even in a world where gasoline wasn’t required to commute to customers, the wear and tear on a vehicle alone would still not justify only $15 for a job, and again, we’re assuming that the locksmith was willing to take on a profit margin that even non-profit organizations would shake their heads at…
  • Lastly, a locksmith uses a variety of tools, depending on the job. The initial investment for all of these tools can be quite costly, and that is naturally reflected in the price a locksmith charges. What’s more is that the initial investment for these tools is depreciated by the wear and tear posed to them through routine use over an extended period of time. Do these cheap locksmiths reflect this in their prices? Do they even use/have tools?!

The Cheap Locksmith Revealed…

So we’ve brought up some of the overhead that is part of the job. Now that you are informed, let’s unravel the myth of the cheap locksmith completely by breaking down “the fix.” The fix is simple: (1) you call the number for the cheap locksmith, and (2) you are connected to a call center who then dispatches a “cheap locksmith” in your direction, and (3) the locksmith arrives, does the job, and (4) charges you at least ten times the price quoted over the Internet – this is “the fix.”

But, But… That’s Not What They Said Online!

At this point, the price you were quoted online doesn’t matter anymore, especially if you’re in an emergency lockout situation. You’ll end up paying the locksmith what he/she asks for, thinking that you can call the “locksmith company” back later and things will be resolved. Wrong. They will tell you that they are merely a dispatch service – in other words, they post ads, collect a fee and walk away in the sunset. Now what do you do?

You really don’t have many options. You can either go with a reputable locksmith or you can go with a “cheap locksmith.” Here at Allied Locksmiths, we’ve served Bucks and Montgomery counties for over 27 years and counting. Our customers not only call us back over the years, but their friends, family and colleagues call us.

Since we live in a world that is all about “cheap,” it’s easy to go with the flow. But going with cheap when it comes to locksmithing, one will only get themselves into undesirable situations. Remember, our locks are what keep us and our property safe. Out of all the trades and professions that are becoming cheap, locksmithing ought to not follow in this path for very logical reasons. Everything above being said, call Allied Locksmiths and we’ll take care of you today. Thanks for tuning into our blog!

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