Locksmiths in Bucks and Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Allied Locks Is Pleased to Release Its New Website!

After years of having the same website, we thought it’s time for an update. We made this decision because while we service all of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, our old website did not accurately express this fact, often leaving our customers feeling left out. From now on, any customer throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties will know definitively that we provide service to them, regardless of the town, city or borough in which they reside. Some of the changes of our website include:

  • Now Mobile Responsive – Customers can view what we have to offer in any device
  • A Blog – We intend to post informative articles so that customers know we are legitimate, local locksmiths
  • Social Media Integration – From now on, any time we do a good job and make a customer happy, they will like our website to prove it
  • City/Town-Specific Phone Numbers – This way, customers know exactly which number to dial to get the fastest service
  • Testimonials Welcome – Customers can now leave a testimonial so that future customers know they’re dealing with a trusted company

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